Business Cleaning

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Charmax Property Maintenance

Charmax provides preventative and reactive maintenance services, delivering intelligent, tailor-made solutions, 24/7 support, convenient single building format and comprehensive reporting while ensuring cost savings over a 12 month period.

Business Cleaning

Time and money well spent almost always spells “great business”. Grime and filth should never get in the way. Spare your time for far better things than cleaning your workspace and spend your money wisely – get a great business office cleaning services provider! Get it from Charmax Property Maintenance!

Charmax Property Maintenance provides only the best qualityservice for all types of businesses and industries. For Charmax Property Maintenance, there is no such thing as big and small businesses, only big time clean every time. Here, there is a high regard for business time and cost, thus Charmax Property Maintenance creates service schemes that suit individual business needs – even rendering services after work hours so as not to disrupt operations.

Nothing is ever wasted, only the unwanted waste! Get your business going, we’ll do the cleaning!

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