Carpet Cleaning Services

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Charmax Property Maintenance

Charmax provides preventative and reactive maintenance services, delivering intelligent, tailor-made solutions, 24/7 support, convenient single building format and comprehensive reporting while ensuring cost savings over a 12 month period.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets can be deceiving. They may look clean enough but every day they absorb a considerable amount of bacteria. This issue is amplified when they get wet. To keep your carpets and work space germ free, a carpet cleaning and maintenance schedule is recommended.

Charmax Property Maintenance offers some of the highest standards in carpet cleaning. With experience in commercial cleaning that spans more than 30 years, you are assured that you will be given value for your money. And with Charmax Property Maintenance’ quality and standards in services, you can be confident you carpet will remain in the best condition possible.

Maintain the health and apprearence of your carpets by arranging a carpet cleaning schedule with Charmax Property Maintenance.

Carpets not only look good – they absorb noise, soften the floor under foot, and warm up an otherwise cold surface. Unfortunately they are also notorious for harbouring dirt and germs and keeping them clean is a difficult task.

Charmax Property Maintenance provides high standard steam cleaning for carpets – designed to not only rid your carpets of general dirt and stains but to give them a deep clean that will keep them looking like new.

Extend the life span of your carpets by keeping them as clean as they are beautiful. Have your Charmax Property Maintenance take of your steam cleaning requirements today - Call Charmax Property Maintenance now on (02) 9604 5099